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Sgt. Werewolf #1 - Project Pandora Edition

Cover by Rich Woodall


This is the first printing of Sgt. Werewolf. It's 50 pages with bonus back up stories and pin-ups. It is Printed a bit dark. 


Sgt. Steve Hovatter leads a small group of U.S. Commandos to infiltrate Lichtenstein castle in Germany and recover intel on Nazi Occult operations. The Commandos are captured, and Sgt. Hovatter is executed. Hours later Sgt. Hovatter is transformed into a Werewolf and uncovers a much more sinister plot at Castle Lichtenstein. The Nazis are trying to evoke the Norse God of Thunder, Thor to aid them in their war efforts. Sgt. Werewolf must save his team from this Castle of Horrors, but he'll have to go through an army of Golems first.


Get this cover signed for $5 more, or remarqued with a character of your choosing for $20 more!

Sgt. Werewolf #1 - PPE - Woodall

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